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My List of Multilingual Language Coaches and Experts

by Adrienne
List of Multilingual Language Coaches and Experts

About seven years ago, I was just beginning to think about how I was going to raise my child multilingual, I had a lot of questions and I didn’t know where to find the answers. I was also afraid of finding and using techniques that were not backed up by research or being misled by false information. One of the first websites I stumbled upon and that helped me greatly was Rita Rosenback’s Multilingual Parenting which then led me to quite a few other sites and books.

In this post, I have compiled a list of the experts, coaches, authors and speech pathologists that helped me in the first few years of learning about raising a multilingual family that I hope will help you on yours.

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My List of Multilingual Language Speech Experts, Coaches, Authors and Speech and Language Pathologists

**This list will be updated as I read more about raising multilingual families.**

Speech Experts

Xiao Lei Wang

  • Dr. Wang has conducted research in different cultural communities and worked with children and parents of immigrant and multilingual families.
  • Her Books include : Maintaining Three Languages, The Teenage Years, Learning to Read and Write in the Multilingual Family** and Growing up with Three Languages

Annick de Houwer

Suzanne Barron-Hauwert

Una Cunningham-Andersson

Francois Grosjean

Speech Coaches

Rita Rosenbeck

Ute Limacher-Riebold

Maria Babin

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Marianna Du Bosq

  • blogger and podcast host at Bilingual Avenue, where she interviews multilingual parents sharing their best practices long with experts in the field of multilingualism providing actionable tips and strategy.

Adam Beck

Speech and Language Pathologists

Weronika Ozpolat

Mary-Pat O’Malley-Keighran

  • Mary-Pat is a lecturer, author, researcher, speech and language therapist and lover of all things to do with speech, language and communication.
  • She has over 20 years’ experience of working with families and 14 years’ experience of teaching in university.
  • Mary-Pat has done extensive research in communication: parents’ experiences of speech and language therapy, story-telling in bilingual children, how newspapers tell stories about adults with communication problems, how midwives and pregnant women talk to each other during hospital visits, and more.
  • Find her at her blog, Talk Nua

Language Education Expert

Cate Hamilton

Annika Bourgogne

  • author of Be Bilingual, a book filled with practical and creative ideas, backed up by the latest research that helps families in different multilingual situation make juggling two or more languages an enjoyable experience

Magazines and Websites

Multilingual Living Magazine

A respected digital publication which Corey Heller of Multilingual Living and Alice Lapuerta, a mother living in Austria raising children trilingually, created and published.  Experts, researchers, parents and teachers all helped make the pages of Multilingual Living Magazine a resource of unparalleled value.

Bilingual Kid Spot

Here you will find practical and useful information you need to raise your children with multiple languages.


In conclusion, the internet is full of lots of information and more often than not information can sometimes be misleading or confusing. A parent who is learning about how to raise a multilingual child should not feel overwhelmed by information overload or discover that the information they have been using or reading about turns out to be contradictory. Therefore the list of experts that I provided above should be beneficial for your multilingual family.

Do you have another expert, speech and language pathologist or coach to add to the list?

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