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Kids in the Kitchen : Sugar Cut-out Cookies

by Adrienne

It seems every time around the holidays, (even though we don’t celebrate them) a craving for sugar cookies happens.

I scoured Pinterest many times trying to find a sugar cut out cookie recipe that sounded and looked good, this one caught my eye. I started making these cookies when Miss F was around two years old. She’s four now so this recipe is a keeper.

We usually double it so that we can freeze round of sugar cookie dough and make them quickly when another craving strikes. There have been lots of cravings this year, since I’m expecting my third!

This time, we used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and in my opinion they taste exactly the same and maybe are a little more healthy. But probably not…

Here are a few pictures with me and my two little helpers. These cookies are not that difficult to make just like they aren’t around for a long time either.

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