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Winter-Inspired Preschool Activities

by Adrienne

Earlier this month, in the middle of December, I looked at the calendar and the list of themes that I would like to cover this homeschool year and decided I needed to fiugre out a theme we could do before our third child is born. I decided that since there would be about two months before he comes that we would learn about all things winter.

Here is the winter unit that I came up with :

Seasons & Winter

Here is a look at some of the activities (suitable for 2 to 6 year olds) that we did for weeks 1&2 :

Some cutting practice *

A 2-in-1 puzzle from George Luck, somehow the one polar bear is already missing!

This puzzle is became a favorite from the moment we opened the package. Mr. Z misplaced the polar bear he told me he threw it away but I think its in one of those hidden places aka the black hole for all things toys.

Match the snowman with his hat and buttons *

Match the snowman with his hat and buttons *

Sorting clean and dirty snow with tongs or tweezers

Make a bead snowflake

Transfer the water beads to the other bowl with the spoon and without spilling

Transfer snow with a spoon

Pouring water with ice beads and cleaning up spills with the sponge

Transfer the water beads to different size cups

Snowmen Shape Matching *

Les Alphas had to play in the snow

Penguins ice excavation and sensory bin

Color the snowflake *

Cutting practice with snowflakes *

and pasting them onto paper

Pin Punching Mitten or Snowflake

Snowflake Couting Cards

Snowflake and Mitten Counting Cards

Links to Activity Printables

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Snowflake Matching – **this was used as the glue and cutting practice** / Pre-Kinders

Mittens Matching / The Stem Laboratory

Snowflake Couting Cards / Welcome to Mommyhood

Snowflake and Mitten templates / Google Search

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