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Popsicle Summer or Back to School Fun worksheets for K/1/2

by Adrienne
Popsicle Activity Book

Summer break is almost over in the States, but it is just getting started for us here in France! We are travelling to the States next week to visit family for a month!!

I created these popsicle back to school fun worksheets for children in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade to enjoy the first week back to school as the teacher or mom may still be preparing for the upcoming year.

Clip art

The worksheets and poster include some popsicle clipart from Sasha Mitten of Rainbow Sprinkle Studio. She has some really cute clipart featuring sharks, carrots, and more. After I came up with the idea to have a popsicle “life cycle”, I emailed her about including more clipart, because I couldn’t find any other cute melting popsicles and I wanted the same clipart for all of my worksheets.

Four different products available :

What’s inside each product ?

Life Cycle Poster

This FREE popsicle “life” cylce poster is just for that, this resource also includes 8 discussion question cards to use as prompts. You will receive a poster in B&W and color that you can laminate for long time use.

“How many licks to the stick ?” experiment

Ask your students “How many licks does it take to get to the stick?” and start your year off with a science experiment and popsicles. Review concepts of the scientific method with vocabulary flashcards and experiment worksheets.

We are hoping to work on this experiment this week since we have a heat wave coming through!

Life Cycle Unit

This unit includes a “life” cycle poster with and without words in B&W or color, puzzles, discussion question cards, vocabulary cards, copy work and sequence pages.

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Back to School Fun with Popsicles

This bundle includes 75+ worksheets. Some of these resources could be used in a multiple work station set up with laminated pages to save on copies and ink. For example color or trace the letter pages.

Table of Contents

  • About Me
  • DIY Popsicle
  • History of a Popsicle
  • Write about how to make a popsicle
  • Write about favorite flavor
  • Color by Shades
  • Follow Directions, color by Code
  • Scientific Method Flashcards (3 pages)
  • How Many Licks to the Stick Experiment (4 pages)
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Posters (4 pages)
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Matching
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Copywork
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Flashcards
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Discussion Questions
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Sequence
  • “Life Cycle of a popsicle” Puzzles
  • Color the letter Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Color the Number
  • Color the Shape
  • Cards for Letter, Number, Shape Recognition
  • Trace the Shape
  • Fill in Missing Numbers, Letters
  • Fill in Missing Even & Odd Number Skip Counting
  • Count and Find
  • Color the Code Popsicles
  • Counting Frames
  • Cut and Paste Counting
  • Pattern Clip Cards
  • Addition and Subtraction – 2 levels

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