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by Adrienne

The Multilingual Home, a home is where Language learning begins

Perhaps you are just starting your journey raising a multilingual child, in two or more languages, and you are looking for ways to encourage speech and language development from  a young age.

Or you are looking for ways to encourage your child to speak in your language after they have refused countless times? I understand, I’ve been there.

Or are you looking for steps to help overcome the daily challenges you are currently facing?

Here at the Multilingual Home, we share our stories and tips from language strategies to activities that are working, or not, for our family as we raise three kids in six languages.

The Multilingual Home family

I’m Adrienne, an American living in France with my Turkish husband and a mom to three kids whom we are raising to be multilingual in English, Turkish, Kurdish, Zazaki, French and Arabic. I know first hand that raising a multilingual kid can be challenging but rewarding.

I am a strong advocate for multi-language learning from a young age and I enjoy encouraging other families to embark on their multilingual family journey today.

You want to raise a multilingual child.

You want to read about another multilingual family’s journey.

You want activities that will encourage your child to speak in the family languages.

You want answers and strategies to respond to the real-life struggles.

You want to hear about the little successes from families around the world that will inspire your own journey.

You have come to the right place, we are here to help. Our door is always open

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