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10 Space Activities for Toddler and Preschool

by Adrienne
Space Activities

Today, I am going to share ten activities for toddlers and preschool-aged children to learn about space or the solar system. These activities could keep your children occupied while you work on your space unit studies with an older child(ren).

My children were three and two years old when we did these activities.

Fine Motor Skills

Sweeping Space objects
Sweeping up Space Objects

Help your child cut out an orange circle for the sun. Then let them glue it to a paper and try cutting out rays.

Sorting the stars and moon!
Use stickers to fill in the dots on this do a dot page. I can’t remember where I found this printable.
Another printable from the same place as above.
Do a dot printables with pompoms, buttons and pony beads.


Learning the planet names.


We rolled up pieces of tin foil to make moon rocks. We then got out our free counting cards from Modern Preschool. The kids either picked them up with their fingers or transferred them using a scoop. They were also transferred from one bowl to the other.
2 piece puzzles

Memory Game

I made up some space memory playing cards for my kids to enjoy. They are available in French and English and Turkish and English in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I called out the names of the planets in one of the languages when the kids were turning the cards over.

Does your child have a favorite activity for learning about space ?

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