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Field trip to Air and Space Museum

by Adrienne
Air and Space Museum

We just finished up our space unit study and we took a field trip to the Air and Space Museum (Musée de l’air et de l’espace) in Le Bourget, France.

We are about a 15 minute drive away from the Air and Space Museum, so we decided it would be a perfect fit to the end of this unit.

The kids and I have previously visited the museum back in July 2018 with my parents and we really enjoyed it. We had somehow skipped the permanent exhibit on space therefore we started our visit with that exhibit first.

What’s at the air and space museum

The permanent and temporary exhibitions are free. You only pay if you want to visit the planes or go to the planetarium which is only allowed for children four and up. We enjoyed the helicopters and the space exhibits the most. My kids enjoyed checking the flags on the space travel and the map. As well as taking pictures with an astronaut.

The temperatures in the different hangers depends on the outside temperature. Back in July 2018, it was fairly hot in the different rooms and this time around in October, it was a little chilly. Also, it was pouring down rain when we arrived and by the time we finished the permanent air and space exhibits in the main portion of the museum, the rain had stopped. But it was very windy and chilly as we were visiting the rockets and military planes outside.

baby playing in puddle

And of course Mr. M wanted to play in the puddles.

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Difficult to Navigate with young children

Mr. M is 20 months old and getting ready to head into the tantrum phase. About half way through the museum, I had to stay right next to him, as he wanted to step over the barriers or touch the planes. Also, with the stroller it is sometimes difficult to navigate around the rooms because there are a lot of stairs to see the air and space planes or objects higher up.

Gift Shop

I think the gift shop was reasonably priced. We purchased some really interesting awesome 3-D solar system cards and a little book about space in French. We have used the cards on multiple occasions in our space unit.

Would we go again ?

I think we will go again when the kids are a little older and possibly check out the inside of the planes and planetarium.

Have you been to the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget, France ?

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Dot October 31, 2019 - 4:18 pm

Our trip to the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget was really interesting. They have an actual Concord, full size rocket
and satellites. The history of flight is shown with many forms of flying machines.


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