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Color Unit Study in French

by Adrienne

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Color was the main theme for our back-to-school transition week and we created a mini unit study with the book, “La Couleurs des Emotions”, by Anna Llenas.

Mr. Z has a hard time explaining his emotions and how he is feeling.  This book came highly recommended by someone on Instagram, so I decided to check it out. The book we have is in French, there are also translations available in English and Dutch as well as others. Throughout this post, I am going to share some activities and review this book in English.

When it arrived, I immediately opened it to get a quick look before little hands would snatch it away. I knew it was a pop-up book but I was very surprised about the quality of the illustrations and how the pop-ups were made. It is a very beautiful and colorful book.

I also purchased another book “Gestion des émotions” which has individual or group exercises to be used inside or outside. We haven’t used this one yet.

How we used this book …

We first read through the book a couple of times and then we went back through the book discussing each emotion in more detail recalling times when either I or the kids felt that way. We used the color emotion wheel and throughout the day, I found that the kids were able to explain their emotions better.

The next day, we read through the book again and I made sure to read it loudly and enunciate so that the kids got the pronunciation of certain emotions right. We got out our Les Alphas and wooden letters and matched the first letters of each word together. For example, la colère with the letter C.

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We used the puzzle cards and matched them together. We reviewed colors in French as well

When we got to the page about putting our emotions in a bottle , we pretended to bottle up our emotions too with this worksheet. This helps with recognizing words for those who are pre-readers.

We then colored the emotion according to its color and talked about it a little bit more in detail.

You can check out the book on Youtube before you buy it or check it out at your local library.

Most of the printables can be found here :


Word Cards


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