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60 Games to Play Instead of Screen Time

by Adrienne
60 games to play instead of screen time

The Turk and I are part of the last generation to know what life was like without telephones. I want both of us to make more connections with our kids on a daily basis. One of the best ways to do this is to play some of the games that the Turk and I played as children with our kids.

Below you will find a list of 60 games that can bring calm and reconnect with your kids in a few minutes. These games are great alternatives to screen time and you may find yourself playing them longer than just a few minutes. You will also be able to download the list to hang on your fridge by subscribing to our resource library at the end of this post.

60 childhood games to play

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Some of these games have alternative directions or played exactly the same all around the world.

  1. Tell Jokes
  2. Tell a funny story
  3. Tell a ghost story (better for older kids)
  4. blow raspberries on tummies
  5. play tickle monster
  6. which hand is the object in
  7. what’s in the bag
  8. Rummicube
  9. hopscotch
  10. thumb war
  11. hand clapping game
  12. tic tac toe
  13. rock paper scissors
  14. piggy back rides
  15. sing and dance together
  16. Flashlight game
  17. red light / green light
  18. Stop and Go, 123 Soleil
  19. Tunnel and Bridge
  20. Cat and Cow Yoga Positions
  21. learn to hop
  22. learn cartwheels
  23. learn somersaults
  24. sleepover in living room
  25. swinging games
  26. kisses / hugs /cuddles
  27. simon says
  28. follow the leader
  29. marbles
  30. bottle caps
  31. Board games ( like checkers, chess, Candy Land, Monopoly)
  32. puzzles
  33. Cops and Robbers
  34. Card Games ( like Uno, Go Fish, War, Canasta, Rummy)
  35. Hot potato
  36. Hide and Seek
  37. Hangman
  38. Lava on the floor
  39. Balloons
  40. Floor Wrestling
  41. Limbo
  42. Jump Rope
  43. Hula Hoop
  44. Jacks
  45. I spy games
  46. Hot and Cold
  47. Restaurant
  48. Tag
  49. Paper Football
  50. Musical Chairs
  51. Ball in the Basket
  52. Ball on the Wall
  53. Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  54. Fort Building
  55. String games like Cat’s Cradle and Jacob’s Ladder
  56. Dress up
  57. Paper football
  58. Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller
  59. Duck Duck Goose / La Facteur
  60. School
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