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Hajj-Inspired Art Projects

by Adrienne
Welcome to our second Hajj for Kids blog hop! Hajj is the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that takes place in the last month of the Muslim calendar, and that all Muslims are expected to make at least once during their lifetime. This blog hop is intended to share ideas to teach children about this special time.

Hajj-Inspired Art Projects


I have enjoyed sharing some tips and activities to do with your family this Hajj Season. I’m excited to show you two Hajj-inspired art projects that use similar techniques and could seem to compliment or be the opposite of each other.

Hajj Inspired Finger Painting

First one, I am sure you have seen before, it seems to be gaining popularity every year. I think that we have made this type of art project for at least three years.

For this project you need a cut out of the Kabah that you color and then you dip your fingers in some paint or watercolors. You dot your fingers around the Kabah, like people who are doing tawaf or going around the Kabah seven times. My children enjoy hand painting so they included their hands in the finished version.

Hajj Inspired Tape Art

The second art project is like I said a compliment or opposite of the first, instead of finger printing or q-tip painting, the child is going to do tape(sticker) art.

Tape art began in the early 1960’s and was artwork created with duct, packing or painting tape. This type of art could be done on any kind of material from plastic to stone to a door opening.

Summarized from Tape Art

We used stickers instead of tape for our Hajj-inspired project. We used tape once before when we were learning Allah’s names.

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You can put down really any kind of stickers you want to represent Allah’s creation that is going to be at Hajj. You could use circle stickers for example. We used hearts, stars, butterflies and flowers.

You need to use stickers that are fairly easy to get off board that you are using once you have painted over the sticker. I used an Amazon box and Miss F used canvas. We used watercolors from tubes which we then mixed with water.

Then you decide on a design or you just start painting. I decided to make a rainbow while Miss F mixed all of the colors together to see what she could make.

Let the artwork completely dry before you try to take off the stickers. Once the artwork has dried, slowly take off the stickers. I ripped some of the cardboard off when I was trying to take my sticker off, so remember to go slowly. Also the sticker left a not so clean looking residue which I think is due to using cardboard, the canvas had none.

Once you have taken off all of the stickers, find an image of the Kabah and color it or print it off in color. Then paste the image in the middle of the artwork.

Let it dry completely before hanging it up.

Our finished products with our Allah’s name tape artwork.

My children and I have been enjoying learning more about art forms, techniques and materials recently. We hope to learn more about Islamic inspired arts this year!

What is your favorite art technique ?

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