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8 Reasons Everyone Should Learn Another Language

by Adrienne
8 reasons to learn another language

You have decided that this year is going to be a new year with new goals, here are 8 reasons why you should make it a goal to learn another language.

Not as hard as you think

Learning another language is not as hard as you think because there are a variety of resources and programs available. Also as long as you set some goals, find time and have a little patience, you will be able to learn faster and reach your goals.

More than half the world is bilingual

61 % of the world speaks a second language. Popular languages include Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Malay.

Your brain will thank you

Some of the positive effects of speaking two or more languages include memory improvement, longer attention span, and a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Discovering your family’s roots

Like I mentioned above that more than half the world speaks another language, therefore it is possible that your family is originally from somewhere else. Make this a reason to learn about the history of your family and track it’s roots, possibly learning another language at the same time. Maybe even visit the place where distant relatives once lived.

More international travel

English is the language of travel but knowing another language may open the door to more international travel or study abroad. I studied abroad in Paris ten years ago which eventually contributed to my moving back to France. Learning the local language can make it easier when needing to ask people for help or read signs and menus while on a trip abroad.

New job opportunities

Four out of five new jobs in the US are created because of foreign trade. You can be more competitive at work whether its an actual 9-5 or your own business. Today, people are constantly moving outside of their home country because of immigration, emigration, or expatriation. It is more likely that you will encounter a bilingual person at your job. Also people who know more than one language are usually paid a little more than monolingual people.


Globally Aware

One can become more globally aware and open-minded in a multicultural world by learning another language. Being globally aware fosters respect for other people by learning about their culture. You can step inside to a new world with unique cuisine, customs, beliefs and history by meeting people online or travelling.

Establish Friendships across the globe

You can make friends with others who are learning the same language in an online class or meet up with them in person. Also by travelling, you can meet local people and strike up a conversation with them. I have met many multilingual families across the world through my Instagram account.

Today, I gave you eight reasons why you should start learning another language, can you think of some more ? Share them in the comment below!

Next week, I will be sharing 10 ways to start learning a new language over on The Ford Girls Blog for their series, New Year, New You!

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