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Our Family’s Home Library

by Adrienne
How many books do we own in our house

I have been writing a lot about books, reading and how to start a home library that I am sure you’ve asked our self how many books we have in our home library?

In this post, I am going to share the number of books we own, as well as how we organize, store and keep track of them in our apartment.

Stacks upon stacks of books
Just a few piles of books not the full amount!

We have 500 books in our home library !

500! I can’t even believe it, because at first glance it does not look like that many. Probably because we have various bookshelves scattered around our apartment, the more spread out they are the less we see??

What kinds of books are they?

We have mostly English books, about 20 or so in Turkish and 10 in French. There may be about 10 in Arabic.

What are some favorites?

How do we store our books?

We orgnize and store our books in multiple shelves across our apartment. But sometimes the books aren’t on the shelves and its looks like a book explosion.

If you would like to see our bookshelves in more detail check out my Instagram Stories highlight reel on my profile page.

How do we keep track of the books we have?

I can’t remember where I got this idea from but I used to color code the books for awhile with stickers. So that it would be easier to find books.

But, then little hands started taking the stickers off, so I created an excel spreadsheet that I attached on the wall near the bookshelf and reference before I purchased a book.

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The spreadsheet includes the name (I think the author would be useful too), Type of book and Language. There is a way in Excel to divide and sort the books by clicking the author’s name or type of book. This makes it easier when I’m lesson planning or need to check if I own a copy of the book before I make a purchase.

Today, I shared about our home library and systems we use to keep track of, organize and store our books.

How many books does your home library have?

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