French Bilingual Planet Flashcards and Memory Game

Bilingual Planet Cards

Space week is every first week of October.

Encourage your kids to learn the names of the planets in English and French with the flashcards. Also play a memory game to see if they remember the names!

Bilingual Planet Cards

This product includes

  • bilingual planet poster – to be hung up in your classroom or homeschool
  • bilingual planet flashcards – your kids could learn the name of the planets or to put the planets in order, or to match to the poster
  • bilingual memory card game – draw one card in one language and find it pair in the other language

Language learning is possible at any age. Learning a second language boosts brain power, improves memory, and enhances in decision making as well as many other benefits.

This product DOES NOT INCLUDE moon phases or other space related objects.

The poster and cards encourages visual learning while the game is for boosting memory and problem solving.

These would work well in a diverse, bilingual or even a monolingual classroom or homeschool.

For more ideas on how to use these cards and other space activities, check out our blog.

Also available in other languages :

Let the hands-on language learning fun begin!

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