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6 Tips to Raise Globally Aware Kids

by Adrienne
Tips to raise globally aware children

Since, we live in a world where more and more cultures are mixing together, it is important that each parent teaches their children about other cultures around the world. I’m American, The Turk is Turkish and we live in France, therefore we are a good mix of cultures. Both The Turk and I would like to raise our three children to be conscious and aware of the countries and cultures they are from, but as well be globally aware.

What does globally aware mean?

Global awareness in the classroom involves teaching students about different nations and cultures, as well as their civic duties and rights both locally and globally. An ability to understand, respect and work well with people from diverse cultures is increasingly important for social and academic success in an interconnected world.


Below you will find 6 tips to raise globally aware children.

Share your family’s heritage culture

Ask children to interview their grandparents or extended family about their childhood, their family traditions, and history. This also provides an opportunity to speak a minority language.

Make a family tree discussing where your ancestors lived, how they travelled to where you live today, how they dressed and the language they spoke.

Research the family name.

Flags of our Family
Discovering your multicultural identity.

You can learn more about discovering your own multicultural identity here.

Travel around the world

Look up pictures of children celebrating certain holidays such as first day of school, summer vacation, winter holidays

Make paper dolls and compare their traditional costumes to yours.

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Compare instruments from around the world and discuss similarities and differences. For example a sitar in India, an ud in Middle East with a lute of Europe.

Hang up a map in your home

Or have an atlas out on the coffee table.

You could reference where you live, have visited, or want to visit.

You could talk about the names of countries located near you. Point to oceans, mountains, landmarks, and other symbols on a map.

Collect international items

Travel to the international grocery store and host an international food tasting day for friends and family

Ask friends and family when they visit foreign places to pick you up a souvenir.

Discuss your child’s name

Talk about why you picked their name, did a culture influence it, what are it’s origins. See if you can find their name in another language or culture and see if it’s meaning is the same or differnt.

Subscribe to a subscription box

Subscription boxes could include Little Passports , Just like Me Box, Girls Can Crate!, Little Global Citizens, or Les Mini Mondes in French.

Let us know in the comments below : How you teach your children to be globally aware?

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