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99 names of Allah Challenge : Week 3

by Adrienne
99 Names Of Allah Challenge

This year, we are participating in the 99 Names of Allah Challenge countdown to Ramadan which starts in early May this year. The 99 Names of Allah Challenge means we are learning one name of Allah (God) a day.

This week we started off with the names of Allah of Al Fattah (The Opener) and then combined many names into one main craft.


Al-Fattah means the Opener. So we decided to make a page with doors on it and write down which doors we would Allah to open for us.

The doors included : good deeds, love, faith, success, Jannah and happiness. Each door has a key as well.

99 names of Allah

As-Samee / Al-Baseer / Al-Baasit / Al-Qabid / Al-Aleem / Al-Latif

All of these names are related to the functions of the body, so we included them all into one craft.

The names are translated as As-Samee (All Hearing), Al-Baseer (All Seeing), Al-Baasit ( The Expander) , Al-Qabid (The Constrictor) Al-Latif (The Subtle) and Al-Aleem (All-Knowing). The Expander and The Constrictor reminded us of our lungs and heart and how oxygen flows through the body. The Subtle reminded us of using our noses and how they are powerful to smell the most subtlest smell. The All-Knowing reminded us of the hadith “Seek Knowledge as far a China” and how Allah gave us a brain to use.

You can find the worksheets that we colored here. We also used the Usborne Books See Inside Your Body""“>See Inside the Body book by Usborne.

99 names of Allah

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