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Family Islamic Reading Challenge

by Adrienne
Family Islami Reading CHallenge

National Family Literacy Day and Month takes places every November. A few years ago, I decided to create a reading challenge especially for Muslim families. Non-Muslim families can participate as well changing the themes to go along with their religious belief or they can follow along and their about Islam too.

Islamic Reading Challenge
Islamic Reading Challenge

The idea is to have someone in your family read a book that relates to the day’s theme every day throughout the month of November. It should take no more than 20 minutes, it is a moment to connect with each other and our deen Islam. It is an opportunity to learn about our deen and ask questions or start a discussion as well. Also, to spread awareness of all the great Muslim books that are available today.

You can download the challenge here by subscribing to our newsletter and freebies page, then hang it on your fridge.

You can share your books daily as well on Instagram or Facebook #booksforamuslimfamily or tag us @the_multilingual_home.

Here are some book suggestions related to the theme for each day :

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  1. Allah – I wonder about Allah
  2. Muslims – I am a Muslim
  3. Five Pillars – Five Pillars to please Allah
  4. Arabic Alphabet – My Quran Alphabet book
  5. About Islam – Muslim book of colors or shapes
  6. Aklaaq – A to Z about akhlaaq
  7. About the Quran – My first Quran with Pictures
  8. Gratefulness – Pizza in his pocket
  9. A Prophet – Goodword Greatest Stories of the Quran
  10. Seerah – Spider and Dove
  11. Ramadan – Night of the Moon
  12. Eid – Eid ul fitr
  13. Hajj – Going to Mecca
  14. Inventor – 1001 Muslim Inventions
  15. History – 365 Prophet Muhammed Stories
  16. Respect Others – Allah Made us all Different
  17. Angels – My Two Special Scribes
  18. Manners – Zak and His Lies
  19. Animal – A Whale of a Wish
  20. Salah – A race to prayer
  21. Zakat – Mustafa and Arwa go on a Zakat Adventure
  22. Halal / Haram – My Friends eat Pork
  23. Role Model – My Mum’s a wonder
  24. Dua – I can make dua anywhere
  25. Jannah – I will not clean my room
  26. Allah’s Creations – Zain Bhika’s Allah Made Everything
  27. Allah’s Names – 99 Names of Allah
  28. Family – Respect your Mother
  29. Iman – The Traveler from the Heavens
  30. Good Deeds – Good Deeds Just to Please Allah
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