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Connecting with Multilingual Families around the World

by Adrienne
Connecting with other families around the world

Every month, I share an interview with a mulitlingual family around the world. In this post, I am sharing a list of families from around the world that I have met online who are raising their children to be bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual.

List Divided by Bilingual, Trilingual, Multilingual

The families are divided by the number of languages they speak. Below, you will find a parent’s name, their family languages, their location, their blog or Instagram handle.

Network with others!

If you interested in learning more about a family because they are in a similar situation as you or you are interested in getting to know them better, feel free to contact them by using one or both of their links.

Add your Family too!

If you would like to have your family added to this list, please leave a comment below with your name, family languages, website, Instagram handle (if applicable). The list will be regularly updated.


Parent NameFamily LanguagesLocationBlogInstagram
AditiEnglish and HindiUSAhttp://raisingworldchildren.com/@raisingworldchildren
Maria English, ChineseUSAwww.biculturalmama.com@biculturalmama
Lorena English, SpanishUSAwww.lorenaylennox.com


Parent NameFamily LanguagesLocationBlogInstagram
ReemTurkish, Arabic, EnglishUSAhttps://thetomacchronicles.wordpress.com/@thetomacchronicles
NathalieFrench, English, Spanish
(starting Chinese soon)
ElisavetGreek, Norwegian, EnglishNorwayhttp://www.maltamum.com/@elisavet_arkolaki
AyshEnglish, Arabic, UrduSaudi Arabiahttp://jeddahmom.com/@jeddahmom
KhadijahEnglish, Arabic, SindhiSaudi Arabia@thekidspart
AnkeEnglish, Flemish/Dutch, ArabicEgypt@raisedrespectfully
Umm AmeerahEnglish, Arabic RussianSaudi Arabia@bilingual_homeschool_ksa_uk
AmyEnglish, French, SpanishFrancehttp://ourmlhome.wordpress.com/@amy_ourmlhome
EmilieEnglish, Arabic, FrenchCanadahttps://arabicseeds.com/@arabicseeds
IsabelGerman, English, SpanishGermanyhttp://uno-zwei-tutu.com/@unozweitutu
AshleyEnglish, French, BretonFrancehttps://fernislandfarm.com/@fern.island.farm
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Parent NameLanguagesLocationBlogInstagram
AdrienneEnglish, French, Turkish, Kurdish, Zazaki, ArabicFrancehttps://themultilingualhome.com@the_multilingual_home
KawtherEnglish, Arabic, Algerian, French, PolishUK@umm.joujou
HafsaEnglish, Arabic, Urdu, TurkishSaudi Arabiahttp://www.mamateachesme.com/@mamateachesme
HodaEnglish, French, Somalian, ArabicEgypt@hodaxmed/
RachelCreole, French, Spanish, EnglishUSAhttps://www.facebook.com/rachel.andre.520
OlgaPolish, German, Dutch, EnglishNetherlandshttp://www.olgamecking.com/
AishaTurkish, Indonesian, English, ArabicIndonesia@aysprtm
MariaSpanish, Morroccan Arabic, Swedish, English, classical ArabicSweden@mariaummuhamza
CatherineEnglish, Wolof, Fula, ArabicGambia@gambianmommy
StacyEnglish, French, Arabic, ASLFrance@ateliersdinspirationmontessori
AafikahFrench, English, ASL, Arabic, CreoleMartinique@the_kindergarten_jardin_

If you are looking for other ways to connect with multilingual families, check out these Top 3 facebook groups every multilingual family should join!

If you would like to have your family added to this list, please leave a comment below with your name, family languages, location, website, Instagram handle (if applicable). The list will be regularly updated.

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