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How to Read to a baby or toddler ?

by Adrienne

Mr. M is about 20 months old and he really enjoys picking up books and bringing them over for us to read and look at together! I have previously shared this month why it is important to read to your child, today I am going to give you some tips on how to read to a baby or toddler.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy

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Find a few times throughout the day; like before a nap time, after lunch or after waking up from a nap where you could read to them.

Leave a stack of books out in their reach in a basket or against the wall.

Have high contrast books (black and white) for babies and brightly colored books for toddlers.

Have the child pick out a book.

Let your child hold the book whichever way he would like.

Use sensory books that incorporate touch, smell and sight.

Point to the word or pictures and say the word.

Encourage your baby to try to say the words or sounds.

Decide if you will read the book in one language or if you will translation into another language.

Don’t just read the book but talk about what is in the picture, like colors, shapes, number of objects, what are the characters doing, noises they make.

Ask the child to pint to a color or shape – you can help them out if needed.

Establish good book etiquette such as no throwing books or writing in/on them.

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Ask the child to read it by themselves to you. You could ask a question about the picture and they could respond.

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Do you have any more tips about reading to a baby or toddler ?

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