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Book Review : Allah Made Us All Different by Rabia Gelgi

by Adrienne
Book Review for Read around the world summer series

I am sharing a multicultural book for children ages 0-5 that we’ve been enjoying these past couple of months as part of the Read around the World Summer series by Multicultural Kid Blogs. The book is an Islamic-inspired story entitled Allah Made Us All Different by Rabia Gelgi. We own a copy in both Turkish (Minik Kus “Kendin Ol”) and English.

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Little Birdie was living in a beautiful forest.
But Little Birdie was not really happy about what she was.
She tried to be a cat, a butterfly, a flower, a fish, and an owl. But she could not. Her mom told her that Allah created various animals, numerous creatures in this world, and made them all different. What makes us unique is being ourselves, and doing what we do best.

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This book reminded me of a Frank Asch book for some reason. Especially about the book, “Moonbear’s Bargain”, when the bird tries to act like the bear and the bear decides he wants to learn how to fly.

This book has a very important message for little kids – be yourself – we can pretend to be like others around us, but it is difficult to keep up that image. Therefore it’s important that we stay true to ourselves and our personality. This is sometimes for difficult for children who are from a multicultural background growing up in a country different from their home culture.

The illustrations are hand-drawn and children will really enjoy them because they are beautiful.

However, the Turkish and English book covers are completely different and that may be a little confusing if you are interested in buying the book in different languages.

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Because the book discusses an important topic for young children, I think the words related to Allah could be replaced to fit any religious household ; like Allah could become God and Alhamdulillah, Praise be to God.

What multicultural book have your read recently ?

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